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By Janett Muñoz –

College is all fun and games until you become a senior and realize that you have no idea how to do your taxes, how to invest for retirement, or how to manage your money effectively. The surmounting pressure and uncertainty of being a senior slowly crept up on me as I registered for my last year of classes. My friend Maia and I were excited to have nearly completed our Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major but something unsettled me about how I could explain the role of carbonic anhydrase in the body and yet I could not tell you the first thing about taxes. I was in desperate need of some personal finance tips.

As was the case for many other students, my parents were not much help. My peers seemed just as confused as I. Maia and I were determined to have a personal finance class. She reached out to Dr. Eugenio Dante Suarez from the business department, and I to the amazing, ever-so kind, Dr. Sheryl Tynes. Dr. Tynes was extremely receptive to my feedback and coordinated a group of Trinity faculty and staff to create the Financial Literacy Collective. They created a game plan and I sat in on their meetings to show my desperation about needing a personal finance class.

personal finance, class, trinity, michael taylor
Trinity's New Personal Finance Class
After a few months of meetings, Trinity was able to offer the class this spring! I was thrilled to hear the news because this would be my opportunity to learn about finance. I could tell I was not the only one interested. The class filled a few days after opening, and the waitlist held twenty people and counting. Knowing that students wanted the class as much as I did was comforting.

Of course, I was nervous to take a finance course since I had no background. Luckily, our professor, Michael Taylor, a Harvard Graduate, made the first day of class relaxing by cracking finance jokes which helped relieve any stress. Professor Taylor has definitely been open to all my questions (if you are in the class you know I have many) and makes learning finance fun. He also made it clear to us that he would teach us practical money management.

Michael Taylor, Personal Finance
Personal Finance Professor Michael Taylor, a Harvard graduate, teaches a class.
In just the first couple of days of class, I learned more about finance than I have in my entire life, which is both sad and exciting. I was introduced to some basic investment methods. By basic, I mean that I asked what a “bond” is. I knew they were not the bonds we talked about in Organic Chemistry. I was in a finance class. No carbon structures were drawn. Instead, I began to learn how a bond is a form of investment. In addition, we have learned about about compounding and discounting interest, which is fundamentally important for everything finance (who would've’ known?). This is Scifi stuff right here. Later we will learn about how to save for retirement, invest, and manage our money!

It is great to see how students of all disciplines have joined together to learn about the importance of personal finance. I am excited to set investment goals and make smart money decisions NOW in order to prepare for the future. Michael Taylor has mostly shown us that being wealthy isn’t that hard. It’s all about investing little by little and never selling. Thank you Trinity for offering this class!

About Janett

Janett Muñoz is a senior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major from San Antonio, Texas. She is involved in the McNair Scholars Program, Catholic Student Group, and Trinity Distinguished Representatives. She loves to be part of dance shows and play soccer with friends.