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By Inka Sklodowska Boehm –

The college search process can be a nerve-wracking one but it’s important to remember that there are people here to help guide you along the way, both literally and figuratively. Tour guides are an excellent source of information, which can quell the fears you might have during your hunt for the perfect school. We also happen to be incredibly funny and really, really ridiculously good looking.

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Zoolander references aside, here are 8 questions to ask your Tour Guide to get the most out of your campus visit.

1. What opportunities are there for students in *insert your field of interest here*?
The campus tour is all about figuring out how you would thrive at Trinity. Therefore, ask all the questions you want about research, internship, class, and club opportunities relating to what you are most interested in. There’s no reason to be shy about what you’re passionate about from computer science to cheese rolling. Even if your tour guide isn’t involved in neuroscience or the acapella group, chances are she will know people who are and will be able to tell you relevant anecdotal information.

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2. What’s your favorite memory or tradition on campus?
Anyone can look online and find the statistical information given on our tours. What makes a campus visit unique is the ability to hear individual perspectives on the real student experience. The more stories you hear, the better picture you get. Plus, you get to feed our egos by letting us talk about ourselves.

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3. What were your favorite and least favorite classes?
I was just recently asked this question on one of my tours and it surprised me that no one had asked this before. We are current students so we can offer plenty of advice, from how to deal with academic stress to what professors are the crème de la crème.

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4. What are the relationships with professors like?
Related to the previous question, if you’re going to invest time and money into a university, you should know how the professors and students interact. At Trinity, we pride ourselves on how involved our faculty is, so you can be sure any response to this question will have at least one anecdote about our fantastic faculty and staff.

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5. How involved are students off-campus?
Having access to a city as big as San Antonio is a great perk of attending Trinity. The city has a lot to offer and while there’s plenty to do on campus, it’s important to know if and how students engage with their community outside of the university. If you’re worried about getting trapped in the campus bubble, ask this question.

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6. Where would you recommend going in San Antonio?
You now have an insider guide on where to go and what to do after your tour. Asking where we like to eat off campus gives you some excellent culinary options that are often inexpensive as well. If you’re pressed for time and can’t explore for yourself, this question can introduce you to the endless possibilities our captivating city has to offer.

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7. What is the most underrated aspect of Trinity?
Like I said before, asking questions on individual perspectives helps paint a picture of real life at the university. You may learn something about the campus or university as a whole that most visitors might never have the opportunity to learn.

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8. Why did you choose Trinity? 
The final recommended question, of course, allows you to get yet another insight into the type of university you’ve just walked around and hopefully better understand what you’re looking for in your future college home and what’s important to you. Finding the school that’s right for you is a daunting task, and your tour guide only wants to help. We’ve all been in your shoes before and each have anecdotes and advice we are more than happy to share with you. The main reason we chose to become tour guides is to share our love of our school with you in the hopes that you’ll see it how we do.

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Despite my apparent flaw of quoting Zoolander all the time, I’ve found a second home at Trinity, and I hope you will, as well.

About Inka

Inka Sklodowska Boehm is a rising senior from St. Louis, Missouri majoring in Political Science. She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Trinity University Players, Trinity Distinguished Representatives and works as a tour guide and an orientation team leader. This past semester she studied abroad in Strasbourg, France, where she studied French and interned at the Council of Europe. In her free time she enjoys kayaking, reading true crime novels, and finding her next slice of pizza. 
By Hunter Sosby –

When I heard that Ron Nirenberg was running for mayor, I was beyond excited. I was already familiar with Ron – last summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern for the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center looking at San Antonio city policy, and I got to see his love of the city firsthand while he was a councilman. I loved his vision for the city and soon found out he was a Trinity graduate. It felt great to see him dedicating himself to our city. That dedication grew in early December when Nirenberg announced that he was running for mayor of San Antonio.

Trinity juniors Danielle Trevino and Hunter Sosby show their support for then mayoral candidate Ron Nirenberg during the June runoff election.

Lots of students – including myself – followed his campaign and looked forward to being able to see a Trinity graduate at the head of our city. At Trinity’s mayoral debate in March, there was a great energy and huge show of support from our community. That excitement remained in June, when on June 10, after a fierce runoff election, Ron was elected mayor of San Antonio.

The crowd at the Arneson River Theatre for the inauguration of Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the city council.
I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend the inauguration of Mayor Nirenberg and the newly elected City Council members. When my friend Danielle, a fellow Trinity student and a San Antonio native, and I arrived at the event we immediately ran into two more friends of ours from Trinity. Once the four of us sat down, braving the heat and sun in the back row of the outdoor Arneson River Theatre, some Trinity staff members that we knew ran into us and joined our party. Our Trinity corner was ready to cheer on our new mayor!

Left: Ron Nirenberg giving his first speech as Mayor of San Antonio. Right: Mayor Nirenberg with Trinity students Andy Acevedo '18 and Madeline Kennedy '19 at San Antonio Pride, curtesy of Trinity University Instagram.

Throughout the evening Ron received multiple standing ovations and some especially loud cheers from his Trinity family. It was incredible to see the support he garnered from all across the city and how many people were so clearly inspired by the message he sent. His speech followed a round of hard-to-beat impassioned and exciting speeches from the new council members, and what I saw that evening was a leader who cares deeply about the future of his city and everyone in it. I’m so proud to know that Trinity shares in Mayor Nirenberg’s vision for a city that welcomes and works for all, and I’m looking forward to what the next two years have in store for this #CityOnTheRise.

About Hunter

Hunter Sosby is a rising junior from Wimberley, Texas majoring in Political Science and Communication with a minor in Spanish. He is a member of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Alpha Phi Omega, PRIDE, Trinity Distinguished Representatives, and works as a Tour Guide. This summer, he is researching free speech and civil liberties in San Antonio. In his free time he loves to travel and hike, is always down to see a good musical, and enjoys exploring San Antonio.