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How Will I Choose My Major?

By Allyson Mackender – 

As a sophomore, it feels as though choosing a major is the most important decision you'll ever make. After all, it will effect almost every academic and career choice that follows, right? At this pivotal moment in every college student's life, Trinity University's Sophomore College provides an excellent resource for students: the Major Meal Series.

The Major Meal series is an opportunity for sophomore students to sit down with current students, faculty, and alumni from the major in which they are interested. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a budding business owner, or an up and coming chemistt, Major Meals is a great opportunity from students in all disciplines to discuss just what it means to major in that field.

English Professor Claudia Stokes said Major Meals are not only a casual setting for "students to meet peers who share their interests and to ask questions of professors about their programs and classes," they are also great for professors. "As a professor, I really value the rare opportunity to get to know students outside the formal environment of the classroom and even to ask them questions about their own interests," she added.

However, the benefits for the professors is just one of the amazing facets of the program.

Bennett Soriano '19 had gleaming remarks about his experience at the Economics Major Meal:

"My Major Meal helped solidify my interested in economics... so much so that I declared my major the following week. I was able to introduce myself to, and converse with two professors and an alum. The professors told me about some of the classes they teach, and asked about the classes I've taken. The alum gave a non-academic perspective on economics, and told us about how he achieved the success he has after receiving a Trinity degree and working some very interesting and lucrative jobs. One of the professors became my advisor when I declared my major, so Major Meals helped me to go into advising with rapport already built with my advisor. The Trinity alum at my table gave out business cards to those interested, one of the biggest takeaways of the night, because I've already emailed him with questions."

Isa Medina '19 had a similarly rewarding experience, claiming she "gained many new connections in the... community at Trinity." Medina added, "I especially valued the time spent with [Professor] Huston... [Our] conversation helped me decide to take the theoretical economics route along with my mathematical finance major because I excel in those fields of study. I feel that from this dinner I gained experience that may help me succeed in my future occupation."

Bringing a unique perspective to the program, many Trinity alumni attend the event to provide insight into what can be done with a Trinity degree. 

Eric Weiss '68 attended one of the dinners and was enthused by the program. 

"Being able to talk about students' future plans enabled me to get an idea of how so very many career choices can be a confusing and frustrating time in a young person's life. My own generation was faced with similar circumstances, and we also were forced to make career decisions which most definitely affected our business lives. However, the sheer volume of choices in a much more complicated world today can be almost numbing. Those decisions of course, must be made."

College is certainly an exciting time in every young life, but it can be frightening at times with your future looming near. Getting to meet with Trinity alumni, like Weiss, provides a great opportunity to see the results of a Trinity degree. 

The opportunity to network as early as your sophomore year is an absolutely crucial step to success at Trinity. By attending the Major Meal series, students, faculty, and alumni alike were all able to gain valuable insight into their fields. Sophomore College provides a multitude of programming aimed at the diverse needs of sophomore students. For more information on these opportunities, visit their webpage


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