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By Allyson Mackender – 

Trinity, we've almost made it. Just 48 hours from now we will be free to do whatever we want for an entire month. No more papers, no more tests, no more homework. (Sorry to all the seniors applying for jobs. I feel your pain.) The past two weeks have been nothing short of torturous; finals come every year yet they are always unexpectedly exhausting. As we finish our schoolwork and say our goodbyes, let's take some time to reflect on 15 thoughts you definitely had during finals week.

1. Finals are so far away!

Reading days have arrived, which means it's time to blow off all responsibilities because finals aren't for two whole days.

2. I guess I should start studying... Maybe I'll finally go to the library. 

The library is without a doubt the best place to study. You find your most productive spot and get in a groove. Finals are going to be a breeze. 

3. When did we learn this?!

There is nothing more frustrating than going through your notes and textbooks and not being able to find the material. Maybe you forgot to jot it down while you were "taking notes" on your computer in class. 

4. Forget it, I'm dropping out. 

Let's face it, we've all considered this more than once. But we know our Trinity degrees are invaluable and the suffering will be worth it. 

5. Time for my daily emotional breakdown. 

So inevitable you might as well schedule it. 

6. Did my professors plan for everything to be due on the same day? 

I legitimately had six essays due on the same day. There's no way that is a coincidence. 

7. Maybe I'll be more productive working in my room. 

You will NEVER be more productive in your room. Chances are you'll end up taking a short 10 hour nap. 

8. I bet a small snack would help. 

Your famous last words before you drain all of your Bonus Bucks on junk food from the POD.

9. I'm just going to take a short nap.

Followed by: "HOW DID I SLEEP FOR 10 HOURS!"

10. When was the last time I showered?

There is no time for hygiene, obviously. 

11. I inconveniently forgot how to read and write. 

You have two pages of your ten-page paper left and then you remember that OOPS you can't write anymore. How sad. 

12. Wait, my test is TOMORROW?

The never-ending week actually flew by and finals are almost over. But chances are you're still not ready for your test. Keep studying! 

13. Hallelujah, I'm done!

There is no better feeling than walking out of your last final. No matter how your grades turn out, at least you never have to look at that test/paper again. 

14. I'm actually going to miss Trinity.

Saying goodbye to Trinity is hard, even if it is only for a couple weeks. But, on the bright side, you can tell all your friends, "See you next year," which is never not funny. 

15. Goodnight! See you next year, world. 

Nothing compares to the post-finals hibernation. Two days of uninterrupted sleep without having to think about school at all. Sleep soundly, my friends. 

About Allyson

Allyson Mackender is a senior English major from Denver, Colorado. She is the author of Trinity's Experiential Learning Blog and the editor of the Trinity Perspective.  Allyson is a member of Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Sigma Pi. In her free time, Allyson enjoys reading, volunteering, and searching for the best coffee in San Antonio.