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By Allyson Mackender – 

Greek Life Recruitment has officially begun! Since Rush Kick Off on Sunday, September 18, Trinity's six fraternities and seven sororities have been excited to welcome potential new members to informal and formal recruitment events.

Trinity's five-month recruitment process is truly unique, giving potential members the chance to meet and befriend individuals from each organization, ultimately finding their home on Bid Day in February. However, at first it can certainly be intimidating.

You may be wondering how, in a sea of Greek letters, screaming girls and boys, and cute dogs wearing jerseys, how you will find your place. What makes each organization unique?

In order to answer this question, members from each sorority and fraternity on campus provided a brief explanation of what makes their organization special:


Bengal Lancers

"The Bengal Lancers were originally established as an honorary pep organization in the fall of 1936. A new era began in 1956 as the Bengal Lancers transformed from a one year club to a four year organization. Since 1956, the Bengal Lancers have strived to unify groups of young men so that they may become successful and strong-willed adults. Adults who, with the lessons learned from B/L, can enter into the real world and workplace with a superior work ethic and sense of self. Since I’ve become a member of the Bengal Lancers, I have noticed a positive shift in the importance of academics, our community involvement, and our willingness to work with and serve others. Our future goals are to continue to grow and be open to any potential new members. We look forward to the months ahead and welcoming a new group of guys into our family."

– Davis King '18, Bengal Lancers President from Columbia, South Carolina

Chi Delta Tau

"It's hard to describe what it means to be a part of Chi Delta Tau in all honestly. The organization has deep roots within Trinity University's history and I think every member has a lot of pride knowing that. More importantly, I think we pride ourselves the most on how close each of us are and that even though we come from places like Ireland, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, there's never a hesitation to hit up one another when we're visiting their state. There's truly never a dull moment here in this fraternity and that is especially true on the weekends. If I could sum up a common belief we all share in Chi Delta Tau, (and the one I believe in the most), it would be to give the world the best we have and the best will come back to us."

– David Thai '18, Chi Delta Tau Social, Scholarship, and Co-Standards Chair from San Antonio, Texas

Iota Chi Rho

"When I came to Trinity, I had absolutely no desire to even consider joining Greek life. But as my first semester unfolded, I opened up to the idea and found that Greek life at Trinity is totally different from the stereotypes that left me wary of the Greek system in the first place. Iota Chi Rho sort of brands itself as the alternative fraternity experience, and that's exactly what I found: a great group of guys who were fun, a little goofy, and welcoming of unique people from all walks of life. I-Chi is pretty small, even as Trinity Greek organizations go, but that's been so conducive to how close we all are to one another. I see these guys every day, I see them as my best friends, and I'm so glad to have found a fraternity that grounds its sense of brotherhood in a strong sense of individuality and genuine friendship."

– Daniel Conrad '18, Iota Chi Rho Judicial Chair, Historian, and Webmaster from Beaumont, Texas

Kappa Kappa Delta

"I think that what makes Kappas unique is our commitment to the "work hard play hard" mentality. We have members with extremely diverse majors, come from very different backgrounds, are leaders in other organizations on campus, and have many different interests, yet we all come together because we enjoy working hard academically while enjoying our time in college to the fullest. Our diversity makes us special, and it is this diversity which allows us have completely different interests while still realizing that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Additionally, I am proud that as a small organization every member contributes in some way leading to an extremely dedicated group of individuals. We have grown into an organization with strong bonds of brotherhood and social camaraderie, a large and extremely involved alumni network, excellence in academia, and extensive philanthropic and service involvement in the San Antonio community. I am proud to be a Kappa because we truly value the idea that we are family; and as family we will always be there for each other long after graduation. I invite anyone interested in becoming a part of our organization to attend one of our rush events; we'd love to get to know you!"

– Phillip Lopez '17, Kappa Kappa Delta President from Houston, Texas

Omega Phi

"Being a member of Omega Phi is amazing. We have a saying, "Alone we are men, together we we are also men." I never had to try to change who I was around other members because we are all different, and that's great. None of us ever really saw ourselves as fraternity guys coming into college and I believe that's what makes us unique. Our values such as academics, IMs, no hazing, leadership, and service are central to what makes us diverse and well-rounded. We don't make Ophis, we pick them, and that was apparent to me when I got a jersey on bid day and felt like I was already a part of an incredible, loving family."

– Samy Abdallah '18,  Omega Phi Alumni Chairman from Plano, Texas

Phi Sigma Chi

"All Phi Sigs have a strong sense of honor and duty. We strive to be leaders in everything we do, whether it be in the Greek or Trinity Communities, Greater San Antonio area, and beyond. We pride ourselves in our diversity, boasting representation from 9 different countries and 10 states. The most important thing to a Phi Sig is our commitment to our brotherhood."

– Jake Spitz '17, Phi Sigma Chi Alumni Chair and Webmaster, Greek Council Men's Co-Chair from Wichita, Kansas


Alpha Chi Lambda

"When I decided to go Greek, I was really looking for a supportive and loving group of women. I knew Alpha Chi would be that for me, but I didn't really realize to what extent until after having been in the club for a few months. When I most needed friends and had nowhere else to turn, Alpha Chis were there. From writing me sweet notes, to showing up unannounced at my doorstep with a box full of candy, my sisters went to extreme lengths to ensure I was happy. If that's not love, I don't know what is!"

– MacKenzie Hill '18, Alpha Chi Lambda External Recruitment Chair from Houston, Texas

Chi Beta Epsilon

"Chi Beta Epsilon is a close-knit organization of motivated women with diverse interests. In short, we are a group of women who value close relationships and empower each other. Being a Beta isn't about letters so much as the family of actives and alumni that are never far away."

– Kendall Hayes '18, Chi Beta Epsilon President from Chicago, Illinois

Gamma Chi Delta

"In unity, individuality. Our motto inspires me to explore the individual I am with the help and support of my sisters. Gamma Chi Delta has provided a safe place for me to laugh, cry, succeed, fail, and of course, have a great a blast while in college. Being an out of state student, Gammas is my home away from home and I can't imagine my Trinity experience without it. Trinity's recruitment process being so long has allowed me to find my place and I really do believe that Greek Life has a place for every student if they are interested."

– Sarah Thornton '17, Gamma Chi Delta Recruitment Chair from Pheonix, Arizona

"We are such a diverse group of women who love to make the world around us a better place. This can be seen through our biggest unifying value: Service. In addition to contributing nearly 1,000 hours of volunteer work around the San Antonio area each semester, we come together each year to raise money for our philanthropy, Concert for the Cure (CTFC). Founded in 2005 by Gamma Chi Delta, CFTC started as an on-campus concert for the Trinity community to help raise money to send children with or in remission of cancer to Camp Discovery. Since then, we have raised nearly $200,000 and helped send hundreds of children to camp over the past 11 years. The concert has really become something that both the Trinity and San Antonio communities support, and it is one of the things that makes me most proud to call myself a Gamma."

– Laura Campbell '17, Gamma Chi Delta President from Houston, Texas

Phi Delta Kappa

"Being a member of Phi Delta Kappa, means being able to spread your wings while knowing that your sisters are always there to have your back. It means taking on leadership positions without completely knowing what is expected of us, and using it as a chance to grow and learn as leaders. It means celebrating with sisters after a good test score or having someone to comfort you after a rough day. It means taking up new challenges knowing our sisters are always supporting us. It means finding a friend in a sister you'd never thought you would have. Phi Delta Kappa has given us a home away from home." 

– Celeste Macias '17, Phi Delta Kappa President from Donna, Texas

Sigma Theta Tau

"I decided to join sigmas because I realized they were the girls who I wanted to spend more time with. After being in the club for two years, I can honestly say this is the group that I want to share every celebration with and the group that will always be there for me when I am not having a great day. These girls are not just in a group that I joined but they are my best friends."

– Zeina Zayat '18, Sigma Theta Tau Alumni Chair from Wichita, Kansas

"I originally went through recruitment because I wanted a set of letters and some girl friends, but I got much more than that. I got a second family. Girls who would be there for me through some of the hardest things I have ever gone through and girls I could create the best memories with. Without Sigmas, Trinity just wouldn't have been the same. Everyone has their own niche, their own place that they belong and I found mine in Sigams. Over the past few years, I have made friendships that will last for the rest of my life. After I joined Sigmas, I became involved in things that I never would've done before. I attended lectures, played on IM teams, and did service hours every semester. All of these activities contributed greatly to a well-rounded college experience and are something that I never would've done without Greek life or Sigma Theta Tau."

– Haley Morton '17, Sigma Theta Tau President from West Linn, Oregon

Spurs Sorority 

"Being a member of Spurs Sorority is something I will treasure not only for the remainder of my time here at Trinity, but years after graduation as well. In Spurs we have a saying, "once a Spur, always a Spur." As graduation creeps closer and closer, the number of uncertainties in my life seem to be multiplying exponentially. But there is one thing that will remain certain: I will forever have the bonds of friendship and sisterhood through Spurs. I know this as certain because I have witnessed it from Spurs alumni over and over. A sorority isn't meant to be solely a college social group, but rather a means to meet many wonderful women that will continue to grow with you throughout your life. I am happy to say Spurs have given me exactly that, and I cannot wait for the rest of my life with them by my side."

– Amanda Claire Burris '17, Spurs Sorority Parents Chair from Dallas, Texas

Zeta Chi 

"When I went through Rush, Zeta Chi was not an organization I was really considering joining. I knew some of the girls and they were nice, but I didn't see myself as a lady in red. As it turned out, Zeta Chi was the place that I belonged. To anyone that is going through Rush right now, my one piece of advice would be to not narrow down your choices too quickly and to not count anybody out. The sorority that you really want may be the wrong place for you, and the sorority that is right for you may not be the place at the top of your list. Trust the process and go where you're celebrated."

– Brittney Bowman '17,  Zeta Chi President from Georgetown, Texas

Please contact Jeremy Allen, Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life, with any questions regarding Greek Life at Trinity. In order to be eligible for a bid in February, you must be on the master recruitment list. To sign up for the men's list, click here. To sign up for the women's list, click here.