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By Allyson Mackender – 

Monday, August 8: My roommates and I were refreshing Facebook a little more than often, anxious to see who the artist would be for our final Welcome Week Concert. We expected that if it were anything like Tyga, who performed our sophomore year, it would be a night we would laugh about for years to come.

The anticipation was building. “What if it’s Beyonce?” one roommate asked with a smirk. And then…

A look of confusion swept across our faces. “Who dat?” one roommate asked. And the rest of us laughed, nervously, in agreement. But really, who dat? 

Since I was abroad the fall semester of my junior year, I missed T-Pain’s performance, which is especially disappointing considering “Buy U A Drank” was my rebellious middle school jam. Therefore, as I returned for my senior year I was thrilled to see who would be kicking off the school year on Prassel Lawn. So, when it was announced that 3LAU would be headlining the concert I was a little disheartened. However, now that the concert has come and gone I can honestly say it was the best one yet.

The days leading up to the show, school was buzzing (kind of?). Most of the conversation was about whether or not you pronounce the “3” in 3LAU, which is still unclear. Despite very few people actually knowing who 3LAU was, the student body seemed excited for the concert, myself included.

Using my senior status to my advantage, my friends and I kindly pushed our way to the front of the concert, despite arriving at the end of the second opening act. Don’t worry, we said “excuse me.” Eventually we made our way to the fence, had our faces painted by an unidentified woman, and were committed to two hours with 3LAU. 

Photo Credit: Anh-Viet Dinh, University Marketing and Communications
I’ll be the first to admit that 3LAU’s Spotify doesn’t do him justice. During his set, 3LAU played a bunch of current and popular songs and made them completely his own. Everyone at the concert knew practically every word to the songs he remixed, making the concert all the more fun. I’m not sure what was going on further back in the crowd, but everyone around me was dancing and having the time of their lives. 3LAU put on an awesome show, coming off the stage and standing on the fence, sending TUPD into a frenzy (oops). We jumped and sang and somehow managed to ignore that we were surrounded by the sweatiest people on earth.

The Welcome Week Concert is the perfect end to a week of festivities as we welcome the new Trinity students to campus. For the first year students, 3LAU kicked off their college careers, just as Bowling for Soup did for me three years ago. For my fellow seniors, 3LAU was the start to our last year together and, judging by our sore necks and lack of a voice the next day, I would say it was a good one.

I will never stop saying, “Who dat?” when someone mentions 3LAU but I’ll forever remember the crazy night that started my last year at my favorite place on earth.

About Ally

Allyson Mackender is a senior English major from Denver, Colorado. She is the author of Trinity's Experiential Learning Blog and the editor of the Trinity Perspective.  Allyson is a member of Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Sigma Pi. In her free time, Allyson enjoys reading, searching for the best coffee in San Antonio, and spending time by the pool.
By Hannah-Elyse Konyecsni – 

Twitter is definitely a fun little app to have on your phone. It allows you to speak your mind (in 140 characters or less), discover new things, and most importantly, keep up with friends and current world events. Usually you’ll find people quickly swiping through their feeds while walking, trying to update themselves on the world around them before class rudely rips their phones away. Well, at least that’s my roommate Lauren and I.

If you had asked me a month ago if I would be running my university’s verified Twitter account, I would have laughed in your face. Me? I’m certainly no social media expert. I mean, I just recently started getting over one hundred likes on my Instagram pictures and that was a big deal to me. I mainly use social media to try to be entertaining. Emphasis on “try.” This consists of me embarrassing myself, retweeting funny gifs, venting to the internet (who doesn’t care about my problems, I’m sure), and poking fun at my close friends. All of these things are totally normal for your average teenage girl -- ask anyone.

So, how exactly did my roommate and I gain full control over Trinity University’s Twitter account anyway? It’s still a shock to me.

On August 8th, Trinity tweeted a pic of a sad Michael Phelps with the caption “when your roommate eats your ice cream…” Of course Lauren, my stark opposite, had to make fun of the fact that I was once vegan by quoting the tweet with “not a problem if she’s vegan & all you’ve got is Bluebell.” And that, folks, was the start of it all. We quickly had Trinity’s attention.

After stalking my extremely hilarious Twitter (at least that’s what everyone tells me), Taylor from Trinity’s Marketing Department direct messaged me asking if I wanted to take over Trinity’s account. I’ll let you know that I was completely taken aback by this question. Why me??? Apparently a tweet that I posted months ago solidified their choice. They needed my personality to be the voice of the university. Once they found out that Lauren and I are connected at the hip, suddenly we were the Twitter Takeover Twins.

Now, we weren’t just handed the password and sent off to conquer the world. Before the official takeover could begin, we met with Marketing, discussed our roles, and signed contracts saying we wouldn’t do anything to get them fired. I’m not kidding. This meeting was Tuesday afternoon and it was decided that the account would be ours from Wednesday, August 24th to the following Wednesday. Y’all, I’m not gonna lie, I totally thought this would be a chill one day thing. I instantly became stressed about the fact that I was expected to be funny for an entire week. I’m pretty sure even Amy Schumer has her off days, right??

It was announced later that day that we would be taking over at 8:00 the following morning. Within hours, the Marketing Department’s email was popping. People wanted the story and they wanted it now. Let it be known that we hadn’t even been given the password yet, so what the heck were we supposed to talk about to reporters?!

Wednesday morning. This was it. Our time to shine. I actually had a twenty minute phone call about what to tweet with my mom before sending out that first tweet anxiously. You may not understand the nerves, but there was a lot riding on this. There were high expectations. The fact that this was the first time that Trinity had ever done this only added more pressure. I closed my eyes and hit “tweet.”

When I was told I was going to be tweeting as Trinity University, I didn’t think much would come out of it. Honestly, I thought people would think it was hacked. I didn’t think that the fact that it was Lauren and I would be so heavily advertised. I was very, very wrong. Even Trinity’s President, Danny Anderson, had something to say about it.

On Thursday, I used the power of having a verified account to my advantage. While our Twitter madness was just getting started, fellow sophomore Isaiah Speck’s Twitter had been blowing up for days. He wrote and performed the infamous “Whataburger vs In-N-Out” rap as part of the #SoGoneChallenge and it quickly spread like wildfire. Isaiah made it onto the news and even gained attention from the almighty Whataburger itself. I couldn’t just ignore this, obviously! Trinity jokingly requested burgers in exchange for Isaiah and Whataburger heard the call. Around 1:30, Whataburger’s Social Media Team and mascot was front and center in Trinity’s Admissions. They surprised Isaiah, handed out burger vouchers to passing students, and ya girl got Whataburger for a year for getting their attention. Super cool, but I was late to my first 2:10 of the year. Sorry, prof.

Remember when I mentioned that the Marketing Department’s email was popping? This would result in Lauren and I having three interviews (as of right now, but I’m sorta pooped and hoping our fifteen minutes is over). The first was on that Wednesday. Texas Public Radio called us and we filled them in on the whole story. After this, my inbox was full. By Friday, this story brought KSAT News reporter Josh Skurnik and his cameraman to our dorm at 8:30 in the morning. I was mic’d up, sweaty, and totally unsure how to be on the news. After talking to us for about 40 minutes, they were good to go and Lauren and I rushed off to our 9:30 class. After I got out of class at 10:20, I rushed (it was a sweaty day) to meet with KENS5 reporter Bryan Wendland to do it all over again. I did my thing and Lauren did hers about an hour later; the two were mashed together for the final product.

KENS 5’s story aired at 5:00, followed by KSAT’s at 6:00. It’s super weird to see yourself on the news, not gonna lie. I screamed. If you think you’re awkward, just wait. It gets worse. Both of the stories turned out great, in my own personal unbiased opinion. Fun fact: they both made us walk around with our phones for like five minutes straight to capture us in a “natural habitat.” There’s nothing stranger than being filmed while walking. Trust me.

I look at this experience as a once in a lifetime type of thing so obviously I’m gonna have some fun with it. I’ve been acting like a total diva, saying annoying things like “we didn’t choose the fame, the fame chose us,” and basically getting on everyone’s nerves. I’d like to take a second to say I love everyone and I’m so very sorry that you don’t have a sense of humor (*insert winking emoji*). But in all seriousness, this has been a ton of fun. I’m honored that Trinity has trusted us with such a big responsibility and has allowed us to set the precedence for future takeovers. Even before this process began, I loved the idea. Trinity has always been a step above the rest and its marketing tactics just further prove this. What better way to get the perspective of a student than to give a student the reins? Genius. 

A huge thank you to Trinity, President Anderson, Dean Tuttle, Taylor Stakes, Michelle Bartonico, and the Marketing Department as a whole for this opportunity. Oh and to Lauren Pettinati, the best roommate and my partner in crime. 

Did you get this far? Are you my mom and/or grandma? No? Wow, kudos to you, friend. I’m gonna go charge my phone now. For some reason it’s been dying super quickly...

About Hannah

I’m Hannah-Elyse Konyecsni, a sophomore from Austin, Texas majoring in Environmental Science. I fill the time that I’m not in class with clubs including Alpha Phi Omega and Eco Allies. You can catch me helping the first years move in and holding office hours for the Food Matters First Year Experience.
By Rebecca Prager –

Class of 2020, welcome to San Antonio! Maybe you're wondering what to do with your first weekend in your new home. Fortunately, San Antonio is packed with things to do and if you somehow run out of local activities, there are plenty of day trips you can take to get out of the city.

So, to get your first-year bucket list kick started, make sure you don't miss these 10 things: 

1. The Alamo (obviously) and the San Antonio Missions

Save this trip to San Antonio’s most famous historic monument for when the family comes to visit and begs you to take them. Aside from the Alamo, the real beauty is the nearby Mission San José, whose original bell tower is completely intact and still holds regular church services.

SA FYI: Do yourself and your family a favor during Texas’ unusually warm fall season and grab day passes for the city’s air conditioned trolley service! The hop-on-hop-off leisure allows you to see all of downtown and spend as much time as you please at the local artisan village, La Villita, or the tradition Mexican marketplace, El Mercado.

2. The Pearl

Back in the day, San Antonio was home to the incredibly successful Pearl Brewery which was in operation even throughout Prohibition. The Pearl area features local businesses, shopping, restaurants, community events and festivals, as well as access to the Riverwalk.

SA FYI: The Pearl hosts an incredible pet-friendly farmer’s market every Saturday from 10am-2pm with local vendors, brunch options, live music and acro-yoga performances. Every December, the Pearl also hosts my all-time favorite food heritage celebration, the Tamales! festival.

3. San Pedro Springs Park 

Our nation’s second oldest public park (right behind Boston Common) is right here in gorgeous San Antonio! San Pedro Springs Park features riverside biking and walking trails, tennis courts, a public pool, and much more. The park, located near downtown just south of campus, is also rumored to be a Pokémon Go hotspot.

SA FYI: If you’re itching to explore outside of Trinity’s own outdoor pool, the natural springs pool at San Pedro is FREE 2pm-9pm,Tuesday-Sunday!

4. San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) and the McNay 

Whether you’re an art buff or not, our local art museums, SAMA and the McNay, always have really incredible permanent and traveling exhibitions to explore with your freshman hallmates. Even better, the SAMA is always 100% free to Trinity students!

SA FYI: The second Friday of every month is ART Party at the SAMA. That means free food, live music, crafts and access to the entire museum! Second Thursdays at the McNay is the perfect place to try SA’s hippest food trucks, picnic on the museum lawns, and see all of the art exhibits at no charge.

5. AT&T Center

Forget the freshman flu, catch yourself some Spur fever this year! Our 5 time NBA Finals Champions always put on a great show at our newly renovated sports and entertainment stadium. Soon you too will be saying, “¡VA LOS SPURS VA!”

SA FYI: Every Fall semester at Trinity, the university buys out a bunch of seats for a Spurs game and sells them at a really awesome student rate (usually $10-$15) so head down to the Witt Center and get yours ASAP! 

6. Japanese Tea Gardens 

Right down from the San Antonio Zoo, find yourself in a paradise of natural botanical beauty, the Japanese Tea Gardens. The Japanese Tea Gardens is always free and open to the public, a great spot to walk and clear your mind during midterms or bring a picnic lunch.

SA FYI: For some spooky after-hours fun, the Tea Gardens are well-lit and open 24 hours which means you can roam the grounds at night looking for Pokémon, hosting a hall scavenger hunt, or just enjoying the gardens under the stars.

7. St. Mary's Strip 

What college town would be complete without a local bar & live music scene? Nearby St. Mary’s Street is home to an eclectic variety of businesses including Candlelight Café (a cozy late night study spot), La Botaníca (great brunch, vegetarian options, and feminist bingo), and Paper Tiger (a live music venue that features underground and mainstream artists).

SA FYI: Every seasoned Trinity student will swear by authentic street tacos served up by El Regio food truck, parked 6 nights a week outside Hardbodies Male Strip Club. The wait can be long - but trust me - Hardbodies Taco Truck is the best way to satisfy late night cravings after an evening on the town!

8. Government Canyon

Is outdoor adventure still calling your name? Make a day trip out of the hiking and biking trails just 45 minutes away at Government Canyon. The natural park has a camping and BBQ friendly picnic area, great for a hall-family weekend escape.

SA FYI: Once you’ve conquered Gov Canyon, sign yourself up for Trinity OREC’s weekend programs that visit other Texas wildlife areas like Enchanted Rock and Big Bend for FREE!

If all that San Antonio sightseeing has left you with an appetite, say no more… 

9. But first, coffee.

It’s college - we get it. As homework, group projects, quizzes and exams pile up, your days and nights will grow longer and your body will start running on two things: caffeine and the quest for Wi-Fi.

Good news! San Antonio has plenty of both, so try Local Coffee (hip, trendy and well stocked with Bakery Lorraine and Bird Bakery pastries) Rosella (quieter and a perfect for group study) Halcyon (tableside DIY s’mores and live jazz at night).

10. Foodies for thought. 

Some nights your Mabee meal plan just won’t cut it, but where’s a college kid to eat for cheap around here? If you’re looking for something different from your regular Whataburger / Taco C / Chipotle grind, here’s some alternative local cuisine suggestions:

American/Gastro Pub

The Luxury (right on the river, sandwiches and “crack” fries), Barbaro (custom gourmet pizzas, bites to share), Tycoon Flats (burgers and live bands, a Trinity favorite). 


Pho Kim Long (tasty Vietnamese noodle bowls and boba tea), Yaya’s Thai (right next to yoga and URTH juice bar) Niki’s Tokyo Inn (sushi, authentic Japanese atmosphere, and amazing chicken yakisoba).

Mexican/Latin American 

La Fonda (authentic homemade enchiladas since 1931), El Milagrito (best Mexican breakfast around, large groups welcome), Rosario’s (a Southtown favorite of SA locals with sizzling fajitas and more).


Main Street Pizza (pastas any way you like and bomb garlic bread), Pizza Classics (buy 1, get 1 free any size when you pick up), Purple Garlic (family style portions & decadent desserts – also a giant sandbox for the little kid in all of us)

Middle Eastern/Indian

Moshe’s Golden Falafel (served with fresh Israeli-style pita, couscous, and hummus), Pasha (shwarma, shish kebabs, and ALL the naan), Bombay Hall ($7 all you can eat Indian buffet, need I say more?).

*WARNING: All mentioned restaurants are San Antonio originals and guaranteed delicious.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Prager is a senior Neuroscience and Spanish major with aspirations of entering the field of social work in South Texas. At Trinity, Rebecca serves as Co-Chair of Greek Council and is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau sorority. She considers San Antonio her new home.