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The Parent Perspective: Resources for Parental Stalking

Fran Wahl
Trinity Parent & Part-Time Teacher
By Fran Wahl

David Tuttle, Dean of Students at Trinity University would probably be shocked to learn that I keep him in my back pocket at all times. And that's not the only place I keep him secreted away. Sometimes he's in my handbag or in the cup holder of my car. Yes, you guessed it, he is accessible to me anywhere I keep my smart phone. Anytime, day or night. I can access his blog online (optimistically entitled "The Dean's List") as well as a myriad of other electronic communications that keep me in tuned with what is going down on Trinity's campus.

Trinity University casts a broad electronic net to corral a wide and varied parent population. Dean Tuttle's blog is most easily found by subscribing to the TrinitE parent Newsletter. There you will read the latest email alerts sent to your students, career counseling information, and one of my favorites, Student Health 101. Access this web based magazine for tips on diet and exercise, study skills, anything that affects your student's physical and mental well being. Try this conversation starter: "Did you see that last article on myths about condom usage in the Health 101 web magazine? Fascinating read!" Maybe that's pushing it, but you get the idea.

Dean Tuttle is an excellent parent resource, both in person and online. 
On the serious side, this is the same place you will find the latest safety information, should there be an on-campus incident of any kind. It's nice the know that an email will show up quickly and frequently to keep parents in tuned with all the campus goings on.

Have a question about getting your student a ride to or from campus? Like the Facebook page TU Parents and find yourself tied into the most honest, caring and informative group of folks on the planet! Car repairs, doctor referrals, you name it. This is virtually the Angie's List of student friendly products and services. As an added bonus, you could make a friend to meet up with at the next Parent's Weekend. Angie's List can't touch that. 

Horrify your child by already knowing the other parents when you arrive for Parent's Weekend.
Though they are not parent specific, Instagram and Twitter provide the most instant gratification, allowing quick snapshots of campus life, highlighting sports, the arts and community events that affect TU students. When searching these two social media platforms, Trinity related titles are literally endless.

Whatever your communication style, Trinity has something for you. You can be as informed or as distant as you would like! Dean Tuttle can take comfort in knowing that his most aggressive stalker (now not so anonymous) lives a good thousand miles away from campus. I take comfort in the fact that I am never more than a click or two away. 

Stay in the know with Trinity's 24/7 online resources. 

About Fran
Having turned the term "domestic engineer" into a full time profession, Fran Wahl has experienced sending two of three children off to Universities. She frequently lobbies to have one of them choose real engineering as a major. In her spare time she volunteers in the local schools, and works as a substitute teacher. She also enjoys surfing the internet. 


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