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Trinity Celebrates Diwali

By Andrea Acevedo
Andrea Acevedo '18
Art Intern & Musician

One of the best and brightest festivals in India (according to my Hindu friend, Shivali), Diwali celebrates the triumph of good versus evil and light over dark. Marking the new year of the Hindu calendar, friends and family get together to eat amazing Indian food, exchange gifts, and set off fireworks.

Every year when the holiday comes around the Indian Student Association (ISA) works hard to plan a dance performance of epic fun for the Trinity community. All are welcome to participate in this time-honored Trinity tradition! Consisting of about 10-12 dances the ISA writes a script that follows a specific theme. This year's theme was Bollywood through the ages. Starting early in the year, dancers practice every week and work with student choreographers. It’s really just about letting go, feeling the music, and having fun.

Trinity celebrates Diwali with our annual dance competition. 
The day before the live performance all the dancers got together and ran through a dress rehearsal. Seeing all the costumes, music, lights, and dancers working together in harmony had me so excited for everyone else to see the show. At first, I was nervous, but ultimately it didn't matter-- we were there to have a good time.

The Indian Student organization is a wonderful community that hosts a variety of events including Diwali, Holi the festival of color, and occasional Indian food tastings.

Seeing weeks of practice and preparation come together is rewarding at the Diwali dress rehearsal. 
Interested? Trinity is home to a wide variety of different student organizations. The best way to get involved is to stay updated on what is going on around campus and join in on events that are of interest to you. I met two of my best friends (and now suitemates) when I signed up to do Diwali during my first year at Trinity and discovered a love for Indian culture and, of course, Indian food.

Diwali is about celebrating a holiday, learning from a different culture, and most of all, having fun. 
About Andrea
Andrea Acevedo is a sophomore at Trinity University who is considering a double major in Art History and Communications. She enjoys short walks on the beach, playing saxophone in the Trinity jazz band, and creating interesting food concoctions in the dining hall.


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