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Ten Trinity and San Antonio Things To Do Before You Graduate

By Mariah Wahl

Mariah Wahl '16
English Major & Editor
 If you're a senior, this point in the semester can find you in the early stages of senior nostalgia. While still longing for the younger days of our college career, it's hard not to want to move on. Before we do, here are ten fall items to add to the bucket list of Trinity University and San Antonio college traditions. Make some memories while you still have the chance!

1. Visit the top of the Tower of the Americas

This San Antonio icon is a prominent part of our downtown skyline view from campus, but few students have ever visited. Take a trip to the top, have some lunch, and gain a new perspective of Trinity!

2. See all of the Missions (other than the Alamo!)

The San Antonio Missions are a lesser known city icon, but no less worth seeing. Recently, they were even declared a World Heritage site. Rent a bike with B-Cycle and travel down Mission trail. Most students have seen the Alamo, but other missions like Concepción and San Juan have an equally rich history and beautiful architecture.

The Alamo is a wonderful landmark-- but find the other missions, too!

3. Take a Riverboat Tour
Play tourist for a day, and learn about the city from the river that we're known for! Visit downtown and gain a taste of San Antonio history. Even if you took a tour as a young or prospective student, it's fun to refresh yourself on the history of the place where you've spent four years of your life.

4. Go to a Spurs Game
Trinity Night at the Spurs happens every fall. Residential life hosts this game and offers discounts to students. Gather up a group of friends and cheer on the Spurs with other students, faculty, and staff.

5. Learn to Dance
When you register for second semester senior classes, take on a dance class. Learn to two-step or waltz while you pick up those final credit hours. If you don't have time for that, visit the Swing Bums for a quick lesson. Use your skills at Concert for the Cure, an annual fundraiser at Cowboys Dance Hall hosted by Gamma Chi Delta

The Swing Bums will happily teach you to dance like a true Texan. 

6. Watch a Football game from Thomas 8th
Befriend a sophomore and go cheer the Tigers on from the comfort of their balcony! Learn the Trinity fight song first, so you can wear your maroon with pride.

7. Attend First Friday Breakfast
Because who wants to cook every morning? This event, in Heidi lounge every month from 8-10:30, can help you put off the adult chores of making your own meal and doing your own dishes.

8. Take a Random Class You've Always Wanted
From computer science to Medieval metalworking, sign up for something unique and interesting. You never know-- book binding might be a lifelong hobby for you in real world.

Maybe you have a hidden artistic talent? 

9. Go have Lunch or Coffee with a Professor

Tell them how much their mentorship has meant to you, and start establishing those post-grad connections. Professors can be great resources even after graduation.

10. Show up Early and Visit Every House at Christmas on Oakmont

Prepare your strategy ahead of time: arrive early and travel quickly to get all of the free food and drink from different houses sponsored by different offices, the Dean of Students, and the President. Don't forget tamales from Dr. White's house! Once you've hoarded your holiday treats, bundle up and watch the choirs perform.

About Mariah 
Mariah Wahl is a senior at Trinity University, studying English and women's and gender studies. She is the editor of the Trinity Perspective as well as the Trinity Experiential Learning Blog. In her free time, Mariah enjoys running and being outdoors. Currently, she is training for her second half-marathon. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau sorority.  


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