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A Day in the Life of a Trinity Athlete

By Megan Reynolds

Megan Reynolds '16
English Major & Varsity Athlete
 It seems like everybody at Trinity University participates in extracurricular activities that range from community service outings, literary clubs, social clubs, athletics, etc. To help you see what a day in my life as a varsity volleyball player and--most importantly-- as a student here at Trinity is like, here’s a breakdown of my average day.

8:45- Wake up.
Even though I don’t actually have class until 11:30 I still like to give myself time to get ready and eat a good breakfast. I also try to knock some reading out in the morning, especially if I didn’t have a chance to finish before I went to bed.

11:30- Peer Tutor. 
I’m a peer tutor for one of our First Year Experiences classes called HUMA. HUMA is a class that discusses the classical works of the ancient world like The Iliad, The Oresteia, and Aristotle’s Poetics. I attend the class period and help students if they need it. I’m mostly there to answer any questions they have and serve as a mentor.

Small class sizes mean more creative, engaged ways of learning.
12:30- The Beat Generation. 
I’m taking an English class this semester that focuses on the Beat Generation, including authors like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Usually we discuss the reading we’ve done for the day and try to delve deeper into the text. This class is really small (only eight people!) so the discussions are always engaging.

1:30- Lunch. 
Around this time I head over to Coates University Center and find some people to eat with. Oftentimes I find one of my sorority sisters or even another volleyball player to sit with. Coates is such a central place on campus that it’s really easy to find someone to hang out with.

2:30- Study.
I lucked out this semester so I’m done with classes after my Beat Generation class. After lunch I head to the library to get some homework done. Being an English major means a lot of reading so I try to get my homework started as soon as I can. When we’re in season I know that a large chunk of my night is devoted to volleyball so I take advantage of the breaks I have throughout the day.

Volleyball is demanding, but its also time spent with friends.
3:50- Head to the gym. 
I get to the gym about 35 to 40 minutes before practice so I can change and go to the training room. I stretch really well and heat my shoulder before practice to not only prevent injuries but also help heal the aches and pains I’m currently experiences.

4:30- Volleyball Practice. 
We practice everyday from 4:30 to 6:30 and then we lift weights two day a week until around 7:00. We run drills and everybody works hard to improve everyday. We all hold ourselves to a very high standard academically as well as athletically. Practice is a time for us to take a break from the school day and focus on playing the sport we love with the people we love.

7:00- Dinner. 
Before I lived off-campus we would always go to Mabee to eat dinner as a team. Our team is really close so we all enjoy spending time outside of practice with each other as well. Now that I live off-campus though, I usually head back home and make my own dinner.

Mabee is a good place to eat and catch up with friends. 
7:45- Study again. 
Trinity offers rewarding but challenging classes, which usually means homework, so after dinner I hit the books. I either study in my room or I go to the library. I love the library because it forces me to focus on studying. I’ve found that always trying to study in your room (especially in the dorms) can be distracting. The library also has some really cool nooks and study spaces that I take advantage of.

11:45- Go to bed. 
I try to go to bed before midnight (emphasis on the word "try," here). Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t. I do, however, make sure to give myself enough sleep time to feel well rested for the next day.

Despite the fact that I’m constantly moving from one commitment to the next I can’t imagine any other way I’d rather spend my day. I love being busy – it pushes me to accomplish all that I can and reach those accomplishments with the high standards that Trinity instills in students. I know that running around all day is worth it because it means I’m involved in everything I want to do on campus. I would much rather feel busy and involved in activities that interest me than bored with nothing to do.

Thanks for hearing about my day! Now go out and pursue your own busy schedule. 

About Megan Reynolds
Megan is a senior English major at Trinity University with minors in Creative Writing and Spanish. She is also a member of the varsity volleyball team. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau Sorority. She will is a co-editor for the Trinity Review, Trinity's literary magazine. Megan is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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