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San Antonio- The Perfect College Town

By Whitney Ball

Whitney Ball '16
Sociology Major & Sorority Leader
When I first began my college search, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. My plan was to get out of town and head to that big school where the whole city revolved around the college and all the streets were lined with the perfect student hangouts. However, I did the opposite by staying in the same city that I had grown up in. I was nervous that I would be missing out on the college experience that I thought I wanted, and that I would not be happy living on a campus that was smack dab in the middle of San Antonio. My mind quickly changed, and after three years at Trinity University I can say that I wouldn’t want to go to college in another city! Here’s why I think San Antonio makes for the perfect college “city.”

There is Amazing Food Around Every Corner.
College kids love food and San Antonio has us covered. The city is known for it’s amazing Mexican food, but that is not all SA has to offer. You can’t go wrong by hitting up a Tex-Mex restaurant and grabbing homemade tortillas and queso (which you can find only a mile away in every direction,) but tons of different options are popping up all over the city. Different areas of town are becoming culinary hot spots with options such as food truck parks, Cuban food, or some great Texas bar-b-q. Areas like The Pearl Brewery and Southtown cater to that college vibe by providing tons of laid back options with fun and unique atmospheres. The food is amazing and you are guaranteed to have a great time with your friends. Trust me, food matters in college and San Antonio will not disappoint!

Trinity students love to eat!
San Antonio is Rich with Culture
Having a lot of culture might not necessarily make the list when thinking about a college town, but it has definitely been an important part of my college experience. The fact that San Antonio is full of culture means that Trinity students are never lacking something to do. Whether it is live music, museums, or history, San Antonio has something to offer to you. And a lot of things are free! There is also this beautiful event called Fiesta, a two-week celebration packed with fun parades, festivals, and other great events. It is a must for anyone in the city during the month of April! It never gets boring in San Antonio and all the cultural activities available make for some amazing memories during your college years.

Trinity students, faculty, and staff in the Fiesta parade on the river.
You Still Get Those College Hangouts
Even though Trinity is right in the middle of a pretty big city, I still feel like I get that community vibe of a college town. There are definitely the local hangouts that Trinity students always go to. Bombay Bicycle Club (Bays) offers half priced appetizers every weekday afternoon and you will always run into a few Trinity students if you go! Tycoon Flatts is super close to campus and offers great outdoor seating and an even more amazing burger with queso on it (trust me, it is fantastic!) Ask the alumni during Alumni Weekend where they will be going back to, and they're bound to mention one of the places mentioned above, because they are such staples to the Trinity life!

I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I get to go to college in city with so much to offer while still getting that small college community vibe. San Antonio is bound to help you make some great memories during college -- did I mention you will get to eat some amazing food?

About Whitney
Whitney Ball is a senior at Trinity pursuing a major in Sociology with a minor in Arts Letters and Enterprise. She is a member of the sorority Sigma Theta Tau and serves as their alumni chair. Upon graduation Whitney hopes to work in the non-profit field. Read about her work with non-profits in San Antonio here.


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