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Top Three things to ask your Tour Guide (That Most People Don’t)

By Matt Mitts '15

After giving tours for almost two years now, I have seen visitors come and go without necessarily engaging tour guides and most likely leaving campus without really digging deep into the culture. Of course, a guide could also just be so adept at delivering everything you need to hear, but we can't all be perfect. So here are three tips to get the most out of your visit:

1.      Ask questions geared towards their experience. 
      The guides are trying to relate to you anyway so by asking about their own personal experiences you can avoid potentially generic responses. Most guides follow a well rehearsed script with specific stories interspersed, but ask them questions off the record and you are likely to gain far more insight into their experience as a student. 

For example, instead of What is dorm life like? shoot for What was dorm life like for you as a first-year student? What helped your transition? What did you think of dorm life and living with a roommate? This way you get more specific stories that hopefully help you distinguish between campus tours. Topics like roommates, living on campus away from home, how easy it seems to integrate into campus life, are critical questions many visiting students don't think to ask.

2.      Dont be too shy to ask a question

      Often people wait until a time when they think their question might be relevant, but then they end up never finding that perfect opportunity. The entire tour is a time for you to ask questions, so even if the guide is talking about Miller Fountain and you want to ask about the Trinity Police Department and campus security, go ahead! The guide will most likely finish talking about Miller Fountain and then jump to additionally information on university security while walking to the next location. If anything you've just made their tour run smoother, while making them feel like a genius that can field any question (I mean we do go to Trinity, not to toot my horn or anything). You have one hour to really engage with a student who wants to express how awesome they think Trinity is, so get as much out of it as possible!

3. Ask about our Academics! 

This is a HUGE one. I've given numerous tours where no one has asked about any of our departments, classes, or majors. Isn't that what we are all here for?! I know many students are afraid of commitment and want to taste the buffet before they pick a major, but then ask about that! Trinity is perfect for those who know their academic track, and for those curious students who have no idea what they want to major in--that's why we have a common curriculum! Most students are undecided when the begin college and start to discover more about themselves within this red brick home on the hill towards the end of their sophomore year when major declaration time rolls around. I love my classes and every single one of them has been at least slightly unconventional in some of the most extraordinary ways.

All of the guides have had different individual experiences that have shaped their time at Trinity. However, at the heart of it, Trinity is incredible when it comes to education and opportunities for students. We have a lot of stories to tell. So ask us about it all so that you can also create your own path here. I hope you can visit campus. I cant wait to meet you!

About Matt Mitts
Matthew Mitts is a senior Biology major from The Woodlands, Texas who hopes to attend medical school after graduation. Over the past three years, Matt has researched in Biology professor Troy Murphy's lab where he currently studies the effects of testosterone on female goldfinches. On campus, Matt works as a university tour guide and serves as president of Omega Phi social fraternity. In his free time, Matt loves exploring the wonderful world of San Antonio and sharing all it has to offer with you.


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