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Champions Adjust: Life Of A Student Athlete

By Kalli Douma '18
Kalli Douma '18
Engineer & Athlete

When I arrived at Trinity I worried about my ability to balance my work load. As a first year, I did not know what to expect and with all of the anxieties that most incoming freshman have, I also had the stress of being a student athlete. As a member of the Trinity Women’s Soccer team, I knew that I would have to find a way to split my time efficiently between my school work and soccer. Luckily, I did not have to do it alone.

Trinity University Women's Soccer

One of the many perks to being a Trinity athlete is arriving at school to a group of returning players who have already mastered this balancing act. One of the first things we did as a team during preseason, and prior to class registration, was sit down with the returning players who are majoring in our fields of interest and they helped us design our schedule. I plan to major in Engineering and both a sophomore and senior helped me customize my schedule. They advised when it would be a good time to take classes and what times conflicted with practice or  could cause stress. They also explained how many hours would be too strenuous during season. This academic teamwork was my first taste of the life of a student athlete. As the season progressed, it became easier and easier to balance my time.

Trinity University Women's Soccer

"While long bus rides and overnight stays inevitably disrupted my usual study habits, champions adjust, so I did."

I also learned that part of this balancing act was to get enough sleep. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning would not only cause my grades to suffer but also my play on the field. So when it came time to sleep, I made the decision to go to bed, even if the homework was not finished. This only happened once before Lance Key, our head coach, began to give us days off proportional to our away trips and upcoming midterms. He even went as far as to base the roster for an away trip on the work load of each player. The heavier the work load the less likely we would be traveling that weekend.

Trinity University Women's Soccer

This is why Trinity athletes are so lucky. Because of Trinity’s DIII status, the players are specifically “student-athletes” - students first and athletes second, and as Coach Key says, "family first, soccer second, and soccer third." We are allowed to play the sports we love, and play them successfully as Trinity has won the SCAC’s President’s Trophy, an award given to the University with the best overall men’s and women’s sports teams, the past three years in a row. Trinity’s athletic resources allow for quality sports performance while the small-liberal-arts university atmosphere allows each athlete to be a student first and major in anything he/she chooses, which is not always true for DI and DII programs. 


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