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Why I Chose Trinity

By Bria Woods ('16)
Bria Woods
Bria Woods ('16)
Film Producer & Christian Leader

If you ask any Trinity student why he or she chose Trinity, be prepared for a laundry list. For the sake of time, I have distilled my answer into three reasons:

1. Proximity

I wasn’t ready for the commitment moving away required and I really wanted to stay near home. Really near. As in only-20-minutes-away (with traffic)- near! Best decision I ever made, because I am at the school of my dreams and it’s right in my backyard. I’ve also been able to experience so many aspects of South San Antonio for the first time. It’s so rich and full of history, culture and something new is developing all the time.

2. Size

I love attention.  Especially in the classroom! My high school (Claudia Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson) is actually slightly larger than Trinity! Needless to say I was beginning to feel a little lost in the shuffle in class and knew that a public university would not be the antidote. It was time to downsize.  Trinity fit the bill hands down. The personal attention is remarkable. Professors have flexible office hours and are eager to answer questions about a confusing lecture or just chat about that cool film that just came out. With classes capping at roughly 15 to 20 students it’s easier to get to know classmates and build a rapport with amazing professors who actually know your name!

3. Culture

I subscribe to the philosophy that an organization or institution is only as a great as the people in it.  I’m also an extreme extrovert with a high need to belong and feel a part of a team. Before I even stepped foot on Trinity’s campus my family and I were met with kindness, professionalism, and warmth through emails and even phone conversations. Once I did visit the campus the atmosphere was so positively charged it felt like I was made for Trinity. From the President on down everyone that I interacted with on campus made me feel so welcomed and appreciated and I wasn’t even a student yet. Needless to say my early decision application practically wrote itself and since I’ve been here I’ve made so many amazing connections and relationships with some of the best people I’ve met in my life! Coming to Trinity has been a dream come true and I can confidently say that there’s no other place I’d rather spend my glory days!


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