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Is a Liberal Arts Education Right for Me?—A Future Proof Curriculum

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Paige Roth ( '15)
Biologist & Playwright
By Paige Roth ( '15)

Does it drive you crazy when adults ask you what you’re planning to major in and what you’re planning to do with the rest of your life anytime someone mentions the college search? For some reason, picking a university seems to make a statement to the world about whether or not you “made it” and if your parents succeeded in raising an employment bound child. But, what if you don’t know what you want to major in? Furthermore, how do you pick a school, let alone a major, when your future job probably doesn’t exist yet?

I don’t claim to solve timeless questions about shaping your destiny, but I can suggest the tools to make you more adaptable to this brave new world. Many students have discovered the lifelong benefits of a liberal arts education. Long gone are stereotypes of privileged hippie students living on their parent’s dime dabbling aimlessly in whatever suits their fancy with the promise of a fiscal cushion and accredited diploma despite their unemployable skill set. On the contrary, the rigorous liberal arts curriculum attracts a wide range of students with one common goal—attaining a diverse set of experiences that will prepare them for the evolving job market.

What better to prepare you for they job you have yet to dream up than an integrated multi-disciplinary approach where you apply unconventional ways of thinking to well established problems? And, I might add, think off the pressure you alleviate when you are encouraged to embrace your widespread interests that once seemed like the only thing standing between you and a satisfying career plan that brought honor and decisiveness to your family.

Take it from a biology and English double major: you don’t have to choose just one subject or career. If not for the liberal arts curriculum, I may never have learned that this writer, bookworm, and lab rat could have the best of all worlds writing about undergraduate research. In fact, as a wise Trinity professor, Dr. Ruben Dupertuis, once told me, “The happiest students are not those who follow a linear path, but those who wind their way through different subjects and allow a variety of experiences to shape their future.” 

So, when you are feeling overwhelmed with a college list, a major declaration, and a declaration of your future plans, take comfort in knowing there are schools for people just like you—schools that will harness your disparate interests into a marketable person adept at navigating a multidisciplinary job market.

About Paige Roth
Paige Roth is a senior biology & English double major at Trinity and acts as editor of The Trinity Perspective. Throughout high school and the beginning of her time at Trinity, she identified herself as a strong humanities student. However, after a serendipitous meeting with her introductory biology professor, Dr. Jim Shinkle, she took her first tentative steps into the world of research where she’s studied cucumber sunburns ever since. Merging her loves of science and humanities in a true liberal arts fashion, Paige is now the author of Trinity’s Undergraduate Research blog. Paige enjoys all types of writing, from non-fiction to playwriting. In fact, she’s produced two plays off Broadway in New York and off Sunset in Hollywood. In her spare time Paige loves spin class, singing, running with the Dean of Students, and spending time with her residents as a resident mentor for first year student


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