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10 Questions To Ask Your Tour Guide During Your College Visit

By McKenzie Quinn (’15)

McKenzie Quinn ('15)
Medical Volunteer & Academic Honor Council Chair

What has been your favorite experience at your university so far?
Personal anecdotes will help you distinguish one school from another once you leave campus. 

What was something that surprised you when you came to school?

What is your favorite thing about living in San Antonio [insert city here]?  
For example, San Antonio is one of the largest city in the United States and there are tons of things to do including visiting the world-famous Riverwalk, Sea World, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, or catching a Spurs game on one of the discounted student nights. There are a number of lesser-known ways to have fun in the Alamo city. Find out what your tour guide likes to do to get an idea of the different things students engage in outside of school. 

How are students engaged in the community outside of the university? 
Trinity’s campus is sometimes referred to as the “Trinity bubble,” but most students are engaged in the San Antonio community in some way, through work, volunteering, or  internship experience. You can also engage with the world by being part of a community on campus. For example, at Trinity, we have a HOPE hall, which is centered around service in the community.

How safe do you feel on campus? 
While many college-bound students are eager to get out from under their parent’s supervision, it is important to find a school where you feel safe living, both on campus and in the community. Be sure to ask your tour guide about both personal safety and the safety of campus life. Many campuses, like Trinity, require key-card entry to campus buildings, have a 24/7 residential life staff, a school police force, a blue light system, and policies in place to deal with any campus security issues. Be sure to inquire about these things to ensure that you will feel comfortable as you thrive at your new school. 

What was your favorite and least favorite class, so far? 

I’ve heard students talk about how many different things they’re involved with but how do incoming freshmen get started?
Most universities have a department dedicated to helping students find or start clubs and get involved student organizations. At Trinity, this department is called Campus and Community Involvement.

What happens on campus in the evenings or on the weekends?
Some campuses are completely empty every night, leaving only a few people in the library. Others may be so busy that it is difficult to study with frequent of loud events. Get a sense of how many students commute to campus to determine what the community feels like outside of class. And, if students do leave, which fun hangouts do they frequent in town?

I’ve read that the Trinity student: faculty ratio is 9:1 so there are many professors on campus but how do undergraduates connect with them? 
At smaller schools, and even larger universities, faculty really will invite students over for dinner or social gatherings. See if your tour guide can give you examples or anecdotes of how accessibly faculty are outside of the classroom.

Why did you choose Trinity? 
This is a great question to ask, especially at the end of the tour if your guide. It also allows them to put themselves in your shoes and add any advice they might have regarding the college search/application process.

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About McKenzie Quinn
McKenzie Quinn is a rising senior Biology major & Spanish minor at Trinity. She is from San Antonio, Texas and hopes to attend medical school after graduation. McKenzie has served as a Residential Advisor for sophomores and has participated in undergraduate research for the past two years working with Drs. Michelle Johnson and Cabral Balreira to develop a dynamic energy budget for the green anole lizard. She will serve as the Honor Council’s External Chair for the coming school year and is looking forward to completing her fourth half-marathon with Dean Tuttle’s “Running with the Dean” group in December. McKenzie is also the new tour guide intern in the admissions office. 


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